Our office is proud to introduce the Spectra System. This new technology is now available at our office and will be a great benefit to our patients. You can read more about Spectra below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The use of Spectra and this advanced technology helps Dr. Leyba to improve patient care offer the best possible diagnoses to his patients. Spectra helps to offer improved patient education and aids in the detection and monitoring of caries. Spectra is able to detect and find caries earlier than normally seen in an X-ray. It's an ideal complement for X-ray imaging and these images can be saved to track the progression of decay over time. Caries are difficult to identify in an X-ray and 25%-30% of enamel is lost by the time it is seen on an X-ray. Spectra also improves the diagnosis of dental plaque. Plaque can be detected fast, easy, and more precisely than using Plaque Revelators.